Cost Effective

Your investment goes directly into active tutoring. The tutor focuses on correcting misunderstandings upfront and filling the gaps in comprehension, rather than correcting mistakes as the student works. Your student will learn to identify his/her own problem areas, ask questions, then continue after receiving clarifications. You pay less because the tutoring is efficient and students have a second chance to check their work.

How It Works

Professional Tutor

Work with an engineering graduate from the University of Virginia who has been tutoring full-time for 4 years. She has worked with several Algebra textbooks and can tie examples to familiar topics. Your child may respond to guiding questions or to examples that mimic his/her homework problems.

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Example Problems

 Solutions to common algebra problems are posted in easy-to-follow image or video format that can be paused and replayed at will. Step-by-step explanations enhance textbook examples. Students can apply strategies to the homework problems in today's assignment.

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