Your tutor will contact the student/parent before the tutoring session to remind them that the homework must be attempted before the session. As the student works through the assignment, he/she will circle areas that were especially difficult. After working through as much of the homework as possible, the student will sign into his/her preferred program for the online session and share his/her work.

Clarification and Participation

At the scheduled time, the tutor will meet the student online and they will talk over the difficulty of the assignment and identify the problem areas. The student and tutor will agree on one problem from each area to cover in detail. The tutor will write the problems on a tablet and the student will see her work in real time. Depending on how the student learns best, your tutor will use guiding questions to link the material to more familiar concepts and/or use simplified examples based on the problem at hand. Through this process, the student will develop their own learning materials that they can reference when working independently on the remaining problems. At the end of the session, the algebra tutor will email a recording of the session to the student with accompanying notes. The session will last up to 30 minutes.

Working with Resources

After leaving the online session, the student can continue to work on any remaining problems using the video and notes as a guide if needed. Videos and images of solutions to common problems are also available for students in the Example Problems section of the site.


If the student is still not confident in his/her answers, the student can send the completed assignment to the tutor for a final check. The tutor will highlight any mistakes and return the assignment within 24 hours. Students will have a limited amount of homework checks depending on which Tutoring Package they purchased. Additional homework checks may be purchased at additional cost if deemed necessary.