See what parents are saying about tutoring with Cara.

Cara provides innovative methods that help the student develop good study habits and time management skills. As she analyzes the student’s strengths and weaknesses she keeps the parents involved/informed. She is articulate and professional with her approach to teaching/tutoring. Cara has the expertise and patience that helps a student succeed academically, while maintaining a professional relationship that is trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Cara’s one-on-one tutoring provided the attention that our son needed, helping him to focus on his studies, separating the parental involvement, and allowing him to develop independently. She was dependable, well versed, and a good influence on him.

Cara’s tutoring helped our son to develop the confidence to balance life and homework. He is now completing his homework primarily on his own, working consistently to improve his grades, and often makes arrangements to attend after school study sessions with teachers and other students. Our son respected Cara’s expertise and guidance, and we appreciated her commitment to tutoring him.
— Janet and Mike Moore
I would like to start by saying that Cara is gifted as a teacher. She connects with kids; especially in this age group…in a way that makes them open up, engage, think and ask questions. She listens with infinite patience and yet can move a student along who is struggling so that they can finish in a timely manner.. She has been tutoring my daughter, age 15, for three years. Cara is incredibly smart and manages to juggle her schedule to accommodate many kids with different learning abilities and needs, from different schools in many different locations.

My daughter has learning difficulties. Cara brought her grades up, helped her get organized, checks in with her and makes sure homework gets done in a timely manner. She is up on the latest teaching methods preferred by schools, especially in math, and understands quickly how each teacher expects a certain format or process for their assignments. Her knowledge and eagerness in this field combined with her teaching skills at this level and an ability to inspire make her an excellent tutor. We were incredibly lucky to have found her.
— Deborah Oropallo